Our Approach

Honesty. Our difference from most cellphone repair places is we  tell the customer what kind parts we are using on their phone, Original or generic screen or parts. if you want quality, we have OEM part, if you want economical, we have generic part.  LCDs=Display, is the most expensive parts on the phone, Most repair shop do not know how to repair the lcds glass, so they use the generic part, usually the cheapest one they can find in the market. because its cheap, but the screen quality are mostly low or bad, it can hurt your eyes and mess up your phone,  the problem is low quality lcds are not stable and overheat.

We can repair the original lcds, even it takes a lot of time, because we have factory equipment, and our tech are expert.We don't sell you something we don't want to use it our self.

Our Story

We are in the cellphone business for 20 years, we are passion about what we do, we love our customers, We love to fix phones, currently we fixed over 100,000 phones. We want to take care of you like our own family member, we test our all product before we put it on the shelf!

We want to deliver the best product and services to our friend!



i repair team

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